Common Plumbing Problems

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Plumbing

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Despite being built to withstand gallons of water being pumped through them every minute of every day, pipes are fragile things. Any number of things, big or small, can affect your pipes in a negative way. From simply being arranged in a non-supportive way, to being frozen and damaged by the elements. So it helps to know what you’re most likely in for, so when you call your local plumbing contractors in Atlanta, you’ll know what to tell them. These are the most common plumbing problems that you’re most likely to run into.

#1. Dripping faucet

We’ve all seen the comedy routine; someone attempts to get some sleep, but a single dripping faucet breaking through the gentle night time silence is enough to ensure that no one gets any sleep. This is a very common problem when it comes to plumbing. Water enters your home and runs through the pipes via extreme pressure. And when water is under pressure, it needs to go somewhere. The reason it isn’t constantly flowing from your faucet is because of rubber/silicone stoppers at the tip. But if those aren’t working, then nothing is stopping the water.

#2. Low water pressure

Now for the opposite problem, having too little water pressure. This means that nothing is pushing the water through the pipes and out the faucet, so when you turn the faucet on, nothing comes out except a bit of dripping. This is because there simply isn’t anything actually in the pipes. What causes this is usually a high buildup of deposits and sediment, which are filtered out of tap water by faucet aerators. But if there’s too much, they simply can’t let any water through.

#3. Uncooperative toilets

Otherwise known as running toilets, this refers to when you have to constantly jiggle the handle of your toilet to get it to do anything for you. This is caused by the flapper valve, whose purpose is to let water pass from the tank to the bowl, no longer fitting as it should, the fill tube coming loose, or the float becoming imbalanced. For this, you’ll need someone experienced with the inner workings of toilets and plumbing to fix it.

And if you’re looking for such a local plumber, then no one will suit your needs better than Fitzgerald and Sons Plumbing Company. If you notice any of these issues, give them a call, and they’ll fix it right up for you.

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