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by | Oct 9, 2014 | Plumbing

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One of the least-appreciated, but most-used, technological advances is indoor plumbing. It’s not very fancy and no one talks about it unless it isn’t working. Just think, though if your home wasn’t hooked up to the city sewer or a septic system, you’d have an outhouse. For those too young to know exactly what that means, visualize countless, lonely trips ‘out back’ in the worst weather Chicago has to offer.

Clogged pipes cause problems, ranging from slow and slower draining to sink and toilet backups. It’s much better to recognize the warning signs of an impending problem than to wait until everyone in the house is complaining loudly.

Your house will tell you something is going wrong. If the toilets start to sound like a percolating coffee pot after the washing machine has finished a load, that’s an indication of a drain clog. An even more obvious sign of a problem is water around the basement drain.

Plumbing systems can be thought of as a tree the main line is the trunk and the branches are the pipes connecting to the sinks and toilets. Understanding this helps to diagnose the problem. If the main line is clogged, nothing will drain properly. If it’s a secondary line, one toilet or sink will drain very slowly or not at all while others work just fine.

Older homes are subject to tree roots clogging or even breaking sewer lines. Newer homes are more apt to have clogs caused by kid’s toys, feminine hygiene products, paper towels or accumulated grease or hair. Obviously, the best way to prevent this type of clog is to not allow potential problems to be flushed or dumped down the drain.

When the Plumber in Arlington Heights arrives, the first attempt to clear the line may be to use a drain auger or snake. This may take care of the problem. If not, a camera inspection can be done to definitively locate and identify the clog. Power rodding uses an electronically powered sewer machine that mechanically removes blockages with a cutting head. More severe clogs may require hydro-jet service. This uses pressurized water to clear the sewer line.

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