Buy Wholesale from an Online Plumbing Supply in Midland Park, NJ

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Plumbing

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Often, homeowners miss out on major savings because they choose to go to a local big box store or home improvement store for the supplies that they need when renovating a bathroom or kitchen. While this was once the only option – other than using contractor – there are better options available today. Wholesalers, who were once only available to licensed professionals, now sell to individuals as well. This, combined with Online Plumbing Supply in Midland Park NJ options, makes it easy to spend less money on the products needed for a great renovation.

Big Ticket Items

One of the biggest benefits of using a wholesaler is saving on big-ticket items. Purchases like a new water heater or an HVAC system can be very costly. Even a savings of 10 to 20% off of the price offered at a local store can be huge savings when the purchase is over $1000. A new HVAC system can be well over $3000, so buying wholesale makes more sense in order to get the best price.

Name Brand Products

With Online Plumbing Supply in Midland Park NJ name brand products are easier to find from wholesalers as well. Wholesalers used to focus on one or two product brands so they could buy in larger bulk and save money. However, internet sales allow them to sell products beyond their local market, which means they can have more brands without having to worry about whether or not the local economy can support their larger inventory.

The Perfect Accessories

In addition to large ticket name brand products, it’s possible to purchase smaller items from a wholesaler as well. Faucets, shower heads, door handles and more can all be purchased at a reduced price from a wholesale company. Again, the online option allows for a larger selection and at usually less cost than what someone will find at a local store that has to support large staff, warehouse rentals and, of course, corporate offices with the items that they are selling.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you owe it to yourself (and your budget) to save money on the items that you need, and buying wholesale can help with that. If you would like to see some of your options for your next remodel, visit

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