A Plumber in Mclean Can Upgrade Indoor Plumbing in Houses Lacking Certain Features

by | May 14, 2018 | Plumber

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Modern plumbing can still seem like a miracle to people who grew up without a toilet or running water in the house. In the 21st Century, nearly all U.S. residents have complete indoor plumbing. Yet as recently as 1990, about one million U.S. households relied on an outhouse as their private toilet facility according to Census data. A plumber in Mclean installs and repairs complete plumbing systems that bring clean water into the home and send wastewater out.

Complete Indoor Plumbing

Complete indoor plumbing is generally defined as having a toilet that flushes, hot water as well as cold, and a bathing area with running water. The bathing area is a shower or bathtub or, most commonly, both of these features. It cannot just be a sink where people take a sponge bath.

Relevant Statistics

Virginia’s percentage of outhouses was very low in 1990, but about four percent of residents in nearby states West Virginia and Kentucky reported still relying on these outdoor facilities. The Census has not asked about indoor and outdoor toilet facilities since then.

Installation of Plumbing in an Older House

Some U.S. residents do not have indoor plumbing because of their religious beliefs. On occasion, these families move away, and people who do not share the same religious faith buy the homes. They want to have a full plumbing system installed by a company such as Business Name so they can have the benefits of running hot and cold water inside for bathing, washing dishes, and doing laundry.

They want at least one flushable toilet in the house. They want an effective wastewater removal system, whether this will be a sewer pipe leading to the municipal pipe structure or a private septic system on the property.

A plumber in Mclean typically can upgrade a house that is missing any or all of these features. In some instances, an old house without adequate plumbing is not worth saving. It may have been built with shoddy construction or be very deteriorated. In contrast, however, some of these houses are of excellent construction and high quality. Bringing the plumbing up to date is a reasonable option.

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