5 Tips to Prepare for Professional Drain Cleaning in Las Vegas NV

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Plumbing

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Drain cleaning is one of the most important things a homeowner can do for their plumbing system. If the home’s drains have never before been professionally cleaned, the service may get rid of unseen clogs and help the entire system work better overall. However, most homeowners don’t realize that the process works better when the system has been prepared. Read on to learn how to get ready for a professional Drain Cleaning in Las Vegas NV.

Create an Access Point

When the homeowner makes a path between the drain and the front door, the plumber will find it easier to get to the system. There should be a minimum of three feet of clear space around the affected drain, so the plumber’s equipment can easily be brought in and out of the home.

Declutter the Area

Along with the previous point, it’s important to remove household items from the area in which the plumber will be working. For example, if there are cleaning supplies or toiletries under the sink, they should be removed for maximum efficiency and safety.

Get Rid of Sewage

When sewage begins to bubble up through the drains, it’s time to schedule Drain Cleaning in Las Vegas NV. However, the homeowner will have to call for waste removal before the drain can be cleaned. It’s a rather nasty business, but even the best local plumber can’t pinpoint the issue if the drain is full of sewage.

Don’t Use Commercial Drain Cleaners

Apart from being dangerous, chemical drain cleaners may lead to long-term pipe damage. If the homeowner has already called a plumber, the problem is likely already serious enough that a drain cleaner won’t do any good.

Get Ready to Do More Work

Unfortunately, drain problems are often just a sign of bigger issues. Sometimes, problems arise because of a damaged internal pipe or main sewer line. Thankfully, the team at Max Plumbing offers sewer repair, pipe replacement, and other services that resolve such issues. Waiting to deal with a clogged drain can have poor results for the home’s sewer and plumbing system, so it’s better to call for repairs sooner than later.

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