When to Replace Hot Water Heaters in Fort Lauderdale

by | May 6, 2013 | Plumbing

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The typical lifetime of a tank hot water heater is 10 to 13 years. Of course, the lifetime can vary depending on circumstances and amount of usage over its lifetime. It is really hard on the tank of a hot water heater to withstand such temperatures and pressures for such an extended period of time. The technology continues to advance, and the lifetimes of these hot water heaters do continue to increase with each new model. After about eight or so years though, the question becomes when is it time to replace the water heater?

The electronics are usually the first thing to go in a hot water heater. This is basically the thermostat. Now this is also one of the easiest repairs and most home improvement stores have the replacement thermostats available for most major branded hot water heaters. The next thing that usually goes in a hot water heater is the heating element. Now this can also repaired fairly easily. The heating elements can also be purchased at most home improvement stores. Of course, the installation part can be a little tricky, so some people do opt for the wise decision in calling for licensed plumbers of water heaters Fort Lauderdale to do the installation.

When leaks start to happen this is usually a sign that the end is coming near for the hot water heater. Now in some cases the leaks can be repaired, but the rule of thumb is that once the leaks start they will only continue to get worse. The integrity of the tank is really gone at this point. Just head to the local store for water heaters in Fort Lauderdale and purchase a replacement hot water heater.

Calling a Plumber

For tough repairs or complete replacement of a hot water heater, the best and wisest thing to do is to call a licensed plumber. There are quite a few available in the Fort Lauderdale area. In fact, there are well over 700 available in the Fort Lauderdale and South Florida area. Do the research to find the right plumber that is highly recommended and licensed by the state of Florida. This is especially important for the installation and removal of a hot water heater. There are a lot of dangers involved with the high temperatures and pressures of a hot water heater. That is why the state requires that a licensed plumber install any new hot water heater.

When it is time to repair or replace a hot water heater, it is often best to contact a plumber. Always check that the plumber is licensed in the state of Florida. Most will proudly display their state license number. If they do not, then that should be a red flag.

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