3 Important Things to Consider When Choosing Urinal Fixtures in Ferndale, WA

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Plumbing

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There are lots of reasons why urinals are installed in commercial properties and even in some homes. They tend to be convenient, they take away the struggle of the toilet seat that couples often face, and they make it a little easier to keep the bathroom floors clean. Businesses and homeowners that want to have a urinal installed need to think about the type of Urinal Fixtures in Ferndale WA that they believe will be the best choice for the space.

Automatic Flushing

Some urinals have an automatic flushing feature that works off a sensor. Having the urinal flush itself prevents not only the smell of forgotten substances but also leaves the surface a little cleaner. Automatic flushing may not be as important to a homeowner as it would be to a commercial property owner that wants to keep the bathrooms clean and sanitary at all times. The urinal is kept clean without wasting a lot of water.

High-Efficiency Urinals

Water conservation continues to be something important to businesses and residents. Today there are units that use less water than similar bathroom fixtures. In some ways, this is considered a money saving feature. But, at the same time, it also reduces waste and tends to be a positive choice for the environment. Residential and commercial customers can find Urinal Fixtures in Ferndale WA that are water efficient.

Size and Appearance

When it comes to choosing a urinal, size does matter. There are a large number of urinals that individuals and businesses can decide between. It’s important to find something that fits in the space and looks great. Homeowners will be content with a single urinal while larger commercial properties may opt for several urinals to handle the number of people using the facility.

Before installing a urinal, it’s important to look through the various fixtures and choose the one that is right for the purpose as well as the space. Companies like Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc help customers choose the right fixtures and handle the installation. This can be a huge weight off the shoulders of the property owner. Visit our Google+ page for more details.

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